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Submitting to Altavista

AltavistaSubmitting to Altavista is fun and easy. Altavista has now added a small game that you need to pass in order to submit your URL's. Read on!

Steps to Submitting to Altavista - Free Submission

  1. Choose your mode of submission
    You can choose to submit your web site through the Express Submit which is a one-time payment of $199 U.S (AltaVista Plus the LookSmart Network) or you can submit your URL's to the AltaVista Search Index at no cost. We'll go for the free submission.
    Choose your mode of submission here

  2. Enter Submission Code
    After clicking on the submit button under the category Altavista Search Index you will enter a small game - Altavista has now added a small, fun game that you need to pass to add your URL's to their database. Here's a screen shot of their game:

    Altavista game

    You need to enter the alphabets and numbers in the order that they give it, to get your submission code. If you get the right submission code you can submit upto 5 URL's with the same code. If you get the code wrong you can either refresh the page to get a new submission code or click on the back button to try again. It's fun, easy and fast!

    Try out the game and submit your web pages Now!

  3. Submit Upto 5 web pages
    Once you enter the right submission code you are allowed to submit upto 5 URL's. Simply copy the URL you want to submit and click on submit. (It's best to copy the URL from your browser window - you're sure to submit the right URL!) You're done! It's really simple isn't it?

Altavista Submission Tips

  1. You need to submit each of your web pages separately to Altavista. It does not automatically follow links and index the entire site like Google.

  2. Try not to submit more than 5 URL's per day.

Now building a website is as easy as 1-2-3!

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